"John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit"
Acts 11:16

History of Healing Winds Speakers

 2013       Rev. Dr. Jack, Director, North American Order of St. Luke, & Anna Marie Sheffield:
                "Living Radiantly in Dark Times"

 2012      Rev Josh Action: Desert Ministries, San Diego, CA "Renewing of the Mind"
               (1st time at Lake Junaluska)
  2011       Rev Nigel Mumford: Christ the King Spiritual Life Ministries "Post Trauma Healing"

  2010       Rev Josh Acton: Desert Ministries, San Diego, CA ”Peace Like a River”

  2009       Pastor Mike Evans: Wholeness Ministries, Bakersfield, CA “Love One Another”

  2008       Rev Russ Parker: Acorn Ministries, England “Ransomed, Restored, Healed, Forgiven”

  2007       Brennan Manning:” Healing Our Image of God and Ourselves”

  2006       Dr. Grant & Kathy Mullen: “Breaking Free: Emotional Healing & Recovery for Christians”

  2005       Sheila & Dennis Linn: “Healing Life’s Hurts With Ourselves, Others & God”

  2004       Nigel Mumford:  “Greater Works Than These Will They Do”

  2003       Douglas & Frances Schoeninger:  “Healing the Family Legacy”

  2002       Barbara Shlemon-Ryan:”Restoring Relationships“  (1st time at Lake Logan)

  2001       Judith MacNutt & Don Williams: “A Journey Through Forgiveness by Grace”

  2000       Judith & Frances MacNutt “Setting the Captives Free”

  1999       Rev Patricia Smith “Generational Healing”

  1998       March: Sheila, Dennis & Matt Linn “Healing Life’s Hurts”

  1998       April: Rev Al Durrance “Becoming the Body of Christ”

  1997       Rev Mike Flynn

  1996       Local speakers with Bishop Robert Johnson sharing personal healing stories

  1995       Rev Mark Pierson

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